Shadab Maghsood was selected by a majority of the Board of Education to serve for a one-year term due to Vice President Shadeen Alls Bey’s resignation. Maghsood, a physician, introduced herself to the board as a person who came to this country, at the age of 17, for freedom. Her strongest attribute, in her opinion, is her ability and desire to advocate for immigrants, whether parents or students, in the Asbury Park School District. “I want to advocate for other parents and be their voice,” she emphasized. Her life experience, as an immigrant herself, is what she feels will enable her to be that voice.

I want to advocate for other parents and be their voice.

Shadab Maghsood

Vice President Joe Grillo shared that Carritta Cook had withdrawn her name prior to the meeting and introduced the process for interviewing candidates. Shadab Maghsood, Craig Di Paola, Phalia Kendall and Natalie Passerini were all interviewed during the meeting in public. Each candidate was asked the same questions as current board members took turns asking questions. The board then went into Executive Session for a little over 30 minutes to select a candidate. Once back in session, Wendi Glassman nominated Shadab Maghsood to fill the seat, Joe Grillo seconded the motion, which then carried.

Dr. Melissa Simmons performed the swearing in of Maghsood.

All of the candidates interviewed, including Craig Di Paola, Phalia Kendall and Natalie Passerini, were congratulated for extending themselves and seeking the position.

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Kerry Margaret Butch is a founding member of the Asbury Park Reporter. Throughout her career, she worked to increase grassroots input in local public policy. She served as the Executive Director of both the Asbury Park Consortium and the League of Women Voters of New Jersey. Notably, she produced the documentaries entitled, “Greetings from Asbury Park,” shown throughout the country and on PBS, and “Storming for the Vote: Hurricane Sandy and the Election.”

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