From the Asbury Park Police Department:

Be advised, many roads in Asbury Park are currently impassable due to flooding. Governor Murphy has declared a State of Emergency due to the hazardous roadways. Roadways are unsafe to travel on and numerous vehicles are already stuck in the flooded roadways. Please do not drive unless emergent and even then, do not attempt to travel through flooded roadways. Additional rainfall is expected which will only make the flooding worse into the evening. Thank you 

Our message to everyone is to stay off the roads. People are getting stuck in floodwaters and emergency personnel is being diverted from dealing with the emergency itself. If you don’t need to go out, stay home until the State of Emergency is over. Several of our streets are severely flooded. The areas around our lakes are the worst areas.

Garrett Giberson, Director of the Office of Emergency Management for the City of Asbury Park

I took a tour of the city with the Fire Departments Battalion Chief. All streets are open except Deal Lake Drive from Main to Grand, Deal Lake Drive from Park to the Loch Arbor border, and Kingsley from 8th Avenue to Deal Lake Drive. Anyone looking to go north, I would recommend Main Street or the Norwood Ave Bridge.

Mayor John Moor, September 30 at 11am

A diverse group of established and seasoned journalists, writers, filmmakers and notable Asbury Park advocates and civic leaders have come together to form the Asbury Park Media Collective (APMC). The organization is new but the long-standing working relationships among the members, coupled with an impressive collective track record in civic media in Asbury Park and beyond provides a solid foundation for this new initiative.

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