At a meeting on August 9, 2023, Mayor Moor and the Asbury Park City Council acknowledged the lifeguards who were lifesavers with proclamations. The Mayor and Council commended, “We are fortunate and grateful to have such dedicated and courageous personnel on our Lifeguard Squad.”

  • July 12, 2023: Asbury Park lifeguards Karli Rymer, Kira Dunnican, and Tom Rant saved a man’s life. During their shift an elderly man collapsed on the beach near Second Avenue. He was unconscious without a pulse. Rymer and Dunnican immediately began CPR.
  • July 16, 2023: Asbury Park lifeguards Alexa Houseknecht, Gerlinde Dunnican, and Tom Rant rescued a swimmer who became unresponsive, and the team performed CPR until Asbury Park firefighters arrived. He was quickly removed from the beach and transported to Jersey Shore Medical Center for full recovery.

We are fortunate and grateful to have such dedicated and
courageous personnel on our Lifeguard Squad.

Asbury Park Council Proclamation

Joe Bongiovanni, the head of the Beach Operations at the Asbury Park Beach, believes that his lifeguards handled the rescues perfectly and by the book. He said, “We’ve had dozens of rescues, probably into the hundreds. Rescues this year have surpassed the numbers of rescues last year.”

Kira Dunnican believes that the best advice she can give to swimmers is to not swim after hours. She said, “even the strongest swimmers can get in trouble.”

Lifeguards responded to two lifesaving situations at the Asbury Park beaches this July. The Mayor and City Council recognized the lifeguards with proclamations during a meeting in August. Credit: Jean Michel

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